Peridex is a prescription mouth rinse used in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease. It is incorporated in the patient’s treatment so that maximum results can be achieved. It is an antimicrobial meaning that it reduces the amount of plaque formed. The ultrasonic device thru the wavelength frequency destroys the plaque cells (bacterial, viral, and fungal). By adding peridex as the irrigant, a greater reduction of plaque or “biofilm” occurs. The results are healthier tissues, less bleeding and tenderness of the gums and reduction in the number of periodontal pockets as well as pocket depths.
The active ingredient is chlorhexidine gluconate which inhibits the growth of plaque. Peridex has become the “gold” standard of treating oral disease in a non-surgical approach. One should not eat or drink (including water) for 30 minutes following treatment with Peridex.

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