Oral Conscious Sedation

It is common and perfectly normal to have some degree of apprehension or anxiety prior to receiving dental treatment. Some people however, have stronger feelings in this regard than others. Many apprehensive patients avoid dental care for many years until their problems become so severe that they are forced to seek emergency care. Patients who come into our caring office are put at ease at the moment they enter the office as they are greeted by a friendly, welcoming staff that understands anxiety related to dental procedures. With Oral Conscious sedation, you take a small pill one hour before your appointment. The pill will act as a mild sedative and quell your anxiety. After you arrive at our office we will evaluate your anxiety level and give you some more medication if needed. We will not begin until you are completely relaxed and give us permission to get started. When the appointment is over, someone will drive you home and the rest of the day you just take it easy. The day after your dental appointment you will feel completely normal.

We have successfully performed both routine check ups and more invasive procedures with the use of oral conscious sedation. Our patients have expressed their satisfaction with the process and their gratitude for offering a relaxing alternative. The introduction of Sedation Dentistry has allowed patients who avoided the dentist for years to receive the oral care they need.

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