Digital X-rays (minimal radiation)

Many diseases of the oral cavity cannot be seen when the dentist visually examines your mouth. An radiographic exam will help the dentist to find and treat dental problems at an early stage which will save you both time and money in the future. Digital X-rays have been a huge technological breakthrough in dentistry. The main advantage of Digital X-rays for the patients is less exposure to radiation. Many patients are concerned about radiation exposure when getting any type of X-ray.

Although traditional dental X-rays expose patients to far less radiation than those of chest or internal organs, digital X-rays expose them to even less radiation. In most cases with digital X-rays the radiation is cut by 1/10 the amount of regular film!! Digital X-rays include other benefits such as : they are environmentally friendly (no films or chemicals to process them); they can be corrected without having to make another X-ray exposure; they can be viewed and enlarged on a computer screen or sent electronically to you, a specialist, or insurance companies.

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