Mrs. R. M.

I just went here for the first time this morning, and they were fantastic. I called yesterday hoping to get an appointment sometime in the next two weeks, and they had an opening for the following morning!

The reception was friendly and helpful. Miriam, the dental hygienist/assistant (?) was so sweet and kind to me. Every time she took the X-ray contraption out of my mouth, she asked, "Are you okay?" By the end she'd probably asked me that about a hundred times, but the dentist is nerve-racking and I appreciated her kindness.

I had chosen Prospect as my primary dental care providers based on the other Yelp reviews of Dr. Keyhan, but I didn't specify when I made the appointment and I was treated by his partner, Dr. Sharifi. I was definitely not disappointed, though- Dr. Sharifi gave me the best dental experience of my life! She was incredibly warm and friendly though still professional, always keeping me up to speed about what she was doing as she did it and explaining the reasons for each part of the exam. During the exam and cleaning, whenever I flinched she would apologize and try to make it more comfortable for me (and there was a fun movie, not infomercials or soap operas, playing the whole time to distract me from any discomfort). I never felt judged; actually, Dr. Sharifi was encouraging and praised my teeth, though she still gently recommended that I floss more (oops).

All this and I walked away WITHOUT getting the usual dentist-hassle about teeth whitening, invisalign, or being told that I needed a bunch of expensive dental work. She told me I didn't have any cavities (actually, to my surprise) and that was that-- out the door I went.

Great, great experience! I'm so happy I found a great dentist in the area. I live in Santa Cruz, so it's a hike for me but it was well worth it.

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