Dr. M. L.

I believe it is my duty to let others know about the excellent dental care provided by Dr. Keyhan.  High quality medical care is dependent upon specialized knowledge and experience coupled with personalized and tailored care.  But rarely do both exist in one professional care giver.  Dr. Keyhan is one of those rare cases, using his expertise together with caring and understanding of each patient’s needs and sensitivities.  As a patient, not only do you benefit from his expertise, but you are dealing with a real professional in a friendly and relaxing environment, knowing you are getting the best and most appropriate treatment for you.

All members of our family have so much confidence in Dr. Keyhan that even after moving to another state; we do fly to San Jose to still see Dr. Keyhan for all our dental work.  In essence, having known him for many years and having him as our dentist is one of the best things that has happened for our dental needs.

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